Sedona (Arizona)

Country: United States

Start with scenery that makes your heart leap. Sedona nestles among a geological wonderland.

Surrounded by natural beauty and blessed with an ideal climate, the striking red rocks of scenic Sedona attract everyone from celebrities to retirees. Whether you’re looking for a weekend of golf and pampering or outdoor adventure and cultural endeavors, Sedona is the place. Several resorts boast championship golf courses and full-service spas. The state parks near Sedona offer breathtaking sights and ample opportunity to commune with nature. Red Rock State Park features an environmental information center as well as wonderful locations for hiking, biking, birding and fishing. Shaded by cottonwoods and sycamores along the canyon walls, at Slide Rock State Park the adventurous can glide down a natural water slide, while the less athletic can relax at picnic tables in the meadow. Sedona’s beautiful surroundings and laid-back atmosphere have drawn artists to the area in droves. Indoor types will find plenty to do touring galleries, including the Sedona Arts Center, which showcases world-class exhibits and local artists. Those interested in ancient ruins and anthropology will be awestruck by the area’s natural rock formations and preserved remains of old cultures. Visitors can hike past the ruins of the Sinaguan Indian on the Boynton Canyon Trail or check out the unique geological deposits at Rachel’s Knoll. At the end of a busy but energizing day, great restaurants and shopping can be found a Tlaquepaque, a recreated Mexican village.